by Adaptive Reaction

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AR's single about censorship and political correctness gone mad from the forthcoming album "Radio Darkness" (Release date: 16 September 2016)
Mastered for digital by Geza X.



It's time to throw it all away
The demon's on your doorstep
seeing everything you do and say
Say let me in cuz you're afraid
Work yourself into the grave, your debts remain unpaid

Thought Police
Inhuman eyes
You're under review, Mr. Smith
Until you die
Don't you Doublethink us
We can hear your heart beat
Think you got freedom?
They live we sleep!

Thought-crime is death ---
Room 101
We have it all on record
to the Joycamp with this one

Doubleplus good, comrade Here's a list of words that are unacceptable
Don't say bad, say ungood
Submit to newspeak or you will offend.
Don't say this, don't say that
Don't say thin, dont' say fat
Police your words if you don't mind
Now we're safe, now we're blind

Crimethink fascist burn the books
Context just to overlook
Cut the tongue out
Guilty of facecrime
Goodthink girl Goodthink boy
Mind your manners
To the Minipax
I'm offended
Rectify it
Speakwrite on the telescreen
Here's a list of bad words
Thought crime
Censor us!
Censor us!
Censor us!


released August 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Adaptive Reaction Toronto, Ontario

Adaptive Reaction started in Thunder Bay, Ontario in 2003 and have mutated into their final form. Their first LP, Radio Darkness is coming out NOW!

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