by Adaptive Reaction



A track from our upcoming LP, Radio Darkness.


Plastic forged corporate whore, eat your children start more wars,
Bitch slap bone snap DOA. Grin-fuck give your soul away.
One big fuck!
Quickly running out of luck.
Where do I sign?
Is it something to do with my blood line?
Where do I complain?
How do I tear out this twitching brain?
It's all too much!
If I shred off my skin will it destroy my sense of touch?

I'm just an animal.
And I don't know what the fuck you are.
It's biological.
The Brundlefly equivalent.
Eat Fuck Kill.
Preoccupation with watching things spill.
Currency of Flesh.
Wages paid in cum and death.

Everything's a hole.
Everything's a rended soul.
What's your price?
Cash, drugs, fucking, slice of life.
Sir, can I have some more?
Inject me with something I can stand for.
Inject me with something I can stand for.


released December 16, 2014
Lex Adaptiv - Vocals and Lyrics
Myke Adaptiv - Music



all rights reserved


Adaptive Reaction Toronto, Ontario

Adaptive Reaction started in Thunder Bay, Ontario in 2003 and have mutated into their final form. Their first LP, Radio Darkness is coming out NOW!

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